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What safety issues should be paid attention to when using an asphalt mixing plant for construction?
April 29, 2022
When we use the asphalt mixing plant for construction, what should we do to ensure safety issues?
First of all, the asphalt mixing plant should be installed correctly, arrange for professionals to implement, and debug after installation until the work is stable. When all the technical indicators of the equipment meet the standards and regulations, it can only be used.

In the process of use, it should be carefully checked before, during and after the operation according to the standard to ensure that the systems of the asphalt mixing plant are running normally, all transmission and moving parts are normal, and there is no sticking phenomenon, so as to ensure the normal operation of lubrication. Only by doing so can we achieve the goal of the entire production.


The lubrication system of the asphalt mixing plant mainly delivers an appropriate amount of lubricating oil for different frictional motion areas, and an oil film is gradually formed during the transportation process. Therefore, the operator should carefully observe the oil level of the engine and deal with it according to the specific situation.
In addition, when using oil on a daily basis, it should be done in accordance with the relevant norms and standards. Generally, if the asphalt mixing plant is in the break-in period, the oil needs to be changed according to the maintenance knowledge of the engine. When the equipment is fueled, attention should also be paid to observation. If there is sedimentation in the combustion chamber, in order to avoid adverse effects, the fuel system needs to be cleaned in time. This is because if it is not dealt with in time, it is easy to accumulate, and once the accumulation is serious, it will block the oil holes and filters, so we should do a good job of cleaning and maintain a stable working state.
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