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How should the asphalt concrete mixing plant be maintained?
June 2, 2022

The concrete batching plant at the construction site is a frequently-prone equipment that is prone to failure. Strengthening the maintenance of this equipment has an important role in ensuring the safe construction of the construction site, improving the equipment integrity rate, reducing equipment failures, and ensuring the quality of concrete. Usually, the maintenance of the mixing plant is divided into the maintenance of the tank, the maintenance and adjustment of the hoisting system, the adjustment and maintenance of the stroke limiter, the maintenance of the wire rope and the pulley, the maintenance of the hoisting hopper, the maintenance of the track and the track support, etc. . The tank body is the working device of the concrete mixing plant, and the wear is the most serious. Generally, the lining plate, the blade, the mixing arm and the material door seal should be adjusted and replaced frequently according to the wear condition. After each concrete mixing, the tank body must be flushed in time, and the remaining concrete in the tank and the concrete adhering to the material door must be thoroughly rinsed to prevent the concrete in the tank from solidifying. The flexibility of the opening and closing of the material door should be checked frequently to prevent the material door from being stuck.


Pull the thick oil pump to supply oil to the shaft end of the tank twice per shift to lubricate the bearings and discharge sand and water. When maintaining the tank, the power supply must be disconnected, and a special person should take care of it to avoid accidents. Before starting the tank each time, it must be ensured that there is no foreign matter in the tank, and it is strictly forbidden to start the host with load. Maintenance and adjustment of winch motor: The braking system of the winch system of the concrete batching plant can ensure that the hopper can stay at any position on the track when it is running at full load. The size of the stirring moment of the mixer is adjusted by the large nut on the back seat of the motor. Remove the connecting screw between the lock nut and the fan brake, back the lock nut to the appropriate position, and move the rotor to the limit position in the direction of the shaft end. Then move the fan brake back to make the brake ring fit with the inner cone surface of the rear cover, tighten the lock nut to make it contact with the end face of the fan brake, then screw it in one turn, and finally tighten the connecting screw.
If there is abnormal braking when the hopper is lifted or lowered, first move the lock nut back to the proper position, and then tighten the hexagon socket head bolt at the end clockwise. Back to the proper position, then loosen the inner hexagon bolt at the end, lengthen the distance of the inner brake, and then tighten the lock nut. Maintenance of the feeding rack and support: Always apply grease in and outside the groove where the feeding frame and the roller are in contact to reduce the running resistance of the roller when going up and down. The deformation of the feeding rack and the support should be dealt with in time to prevent Accident happens. Maintenance of travel limiter: The limiter of the mixing station is divided into limit limit, upper limit, lower limit and circuit breaker. It is necessary to regularly check the sensitivity and reliability of each limit switch, check whether the components, joints and wiring of each control circuit are in good condition, and whether the circuit is normal, which is of great importance to the safe operation of the mixing station.
Doing a good job in the quality control and troubleshooting of the mixing station can not only ensure the quality of the project, but also reduce the cost of the project, improve the construction efficiency, and achieve a double harvest of social and economic benefits.

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