What are the frequently asked questions about the safety of asphalt mixing plants?
February 2, 2022
The first is the regulations on staff dress. The staff of the asphalt mixing plant need to wear overalls to work. The inspectors and cooperating staff who operate the outdoor mixing plant must wear safety helmets and wear shoes carefully.

The second is the regulations during the operation of the asphalt mixing plant. 1. Before the equipment is turned on, the operator in the main control room must pull the sound horn to warn. The staff around the equipment should leave the risk position after hearing the sound of the horn. The controller can only open the machine when it is sure that it is safe for outsiders. 2. During the operation of the equipment, the staff are not allowed to maintain the special equipment at will, and the maintenance can only be carried out under the condition of ensuring safety. At the same time, the operator in the main control room should understand that the machine can only be turned on after being confirmed by the external staff.

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The third is the regulations in the maintenance process of asphalt mixing plants. 1. People must clean the safety belt when working at heights. 2. When many people are working inside the equipment, some people should be outside to take care of them. At the same time, the switching power supply of the mixing station should be disconnected, and the operator in the main control room is not allowed to start it without the consent of the external staff.
The fourth is the regulation of forklift truck level. When the forklift is feeding materials on site, pay attention to the staff behind the truck. When feeding the cold hopper, pay attention to the speed and position, and do not hit the equipment.
Fifth, smoking is prohibited around diesel tanks and gasoline drums. Fires are prohibited within 3 meters. When refueling, the oil must not overflow; when the asphalt mixing station discharges, the total number of asphalt in the tank must be seen first, and the pump can only be opened to discharge asphalt after all gates are completed. At the same time, it is prohibited Smoke on pitch cans!What are the frequently asked questions about the safety of asphalt mixing plants?
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