ALL-In-One Bitumen Decanter
Product Presentation

Bitumen decanter is designed to extract the solid bitumen from the barrels, bags, and wooden cases, or something like that by melting method.
This equipment can melt barreled bitumen or bagged bitumen. One machine for two purposes. Meet different kinds of packing and save equipment costs.

can melt barreled bitumen or bagged bitumen
Internal Circulation Function
Automatic Slag Removal
Convenient Relocation


The hoisting mechanism adopts a cantilever structure, and the asphalt barrel is hoisted by an electric hoist, and the asphalt barrelis placed on the turning platform by the movement of the rotary hoist.


The operation electrical control system can automatically turn over the barrel through the hydraulic device to make the asphalt barrel upside down, so that the asphalt can flow out of barrel.


Automatic slag removal: the equipment has automatic slag removal function. the asphalt pipeline system is provided with a filtering device, which can automatically remove the slag of the barreled bitumen through the filtration of the filter.


Hydraulic cylinder speed can be adjusted according to actual needs.


The machine automatically reverses the oil barrel instead of manually turning over the oil barrel, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the workers.


The flip barrel device is easy to remove, you can change the block and push the bitumen bags into bitumen melting chamber When need melt the bags bitumen.

Technical Parameters

Model: LB700-LB5000

capacity: 60-400t/h

Applicable: Highways, municipal roads, airports and ports etc.

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