Vibration Mix Concrete Batching Plant
Product Presentation

In traditional twin-shaft mixer, and 10% to 30% of the cement particles are not sufficiently dispersed, forming tiny cement clots which affect concrete strengthand cement utilization rate.

To solve the problem, SINOROADER developed Vibration Mixer and introduced it in concrete mixing. Vibration Mixer adds vibration source on shafts and paddles. Under force of compulsory mixing and vibration, particles of materials in mix move faster and collide more times with each other. Particles are uniformly distributed, thus concrete strength, interface adhesion and workability are improved.
Model: HZS60 ~ HZS180
Production Capacity: 60m³/h ~ 180m³/h
Patent vibration mixer, efficient and homogeneous mixing performance;
Increase cement utilization rate, concrete strength, workability and service life;
Produce ultra high performance concrete (UHPC).

Technical Parameters

Model: LB700-LB5000

capacity: 60-400t/h

Applicable: Highways, municipal roads, airports and ports etc.

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