How to increase the service life of asphalt mixing equipment?
March 10, 2023
Asphalt mixing equipment is a large-scale mechanical equipment in road construction. Therefore, when purchasing road construction enterprises, they should choose manufacturers with qualification certificates to avoid inconvenience.
Asphalt mixing equipment is widely used, but the cost of maintenance is very high. How can we ensure that the service life can be increased without cost?

Purchasing a high-quality asphalt mixing plant is only the first step, and the key is the process of operating the equipment at ordinary times. The practice of standardized operation can not only reduce equipment failure, but also reduce unnecessary damage, greatly extend the service life of equipment, and reduce application costs. Large-scale industrial equipment such as asphalt mixing equipment is afraid of equipment failure, which will endanger production and supply. It is free from some loss during processing, but some failures are often caused by improper maintenance, which can be prevented in advance. How to maintain the equipment correctly and reasonably, and do the usual maintenance work well?


Generally speaking, three-fifths of the common failures of asphalt mixing equipment are caused by untimely lubrication of mechanical equipment, and 30% of them are caused by untimely tightening of equipment. In view of these two reasons, the main points of daily maintenance and maintenance should be closely focused on: anti-corrosion, lubrication, adjustment, and tightening four points. Anti-corrosion is to avoid the corrosion of the steel frame structure, maintain its own safety factor, and clean the outer layer. It can control friction, reduce damage, control temperature, prevent immersion, seal, transmit driving force and shock absorption. Adjustment means that in the whole process of application or the original appropriate situation has changed, it needs to be adjusted to make it return to normal. Tightening means that the standard parts are loosened due to the vibration of the equipment, and the equipment needs to be re-tightened.
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