Fuel Asphalt Heating Tank
Product Presentation

Diesel burner asphalt heating tank is a kind of direct heating asphalt heating tank. This kind of asphalt heating tank is mainly aimed at small road maintenance departments and is a kind of asphalt heating tank used in asphalt mixing plants without heat transfer oil.

This kind of asphalt heating tank has the characteristics of strong mobility.

The BTtype energy-saving self-control fuel asphalt heating storage tank is a new type of fast heating, energy saving, environmental protection, which is developed by our company, researched and continuously summarized past experience, listened to the opinions of customers from various aspects, and made use of our product portfolio.

As a whole production of special equipment for asphalt, the equipment is an independent whole, with the functions of unloading oil, heating, recycling, and exporting. The product uses a built-in heating furnace to heat the asphalt in a local heating mode, with fast heating speed, high thermal efficiency, large output, low fuel consumption and no waste.

The automatic preheating system completely eliminates the troubles of baking or cleaning asphalt and pipelines. The temperature and liquid level detection and control are sensitive, and it is suitable for heating and storage of various asphalts.

The fuel asphalt heating tank has a high degree of automation. The whole equipment is automatically controlled and equipped with manual control, which can be switched freely.

1) Temperature control: set the maximum temperature and the minimum temperature, when the maximum temperature is reached, the heating will automatically stop and enter the heat preservation state automatically.

2) Preheating: High-efficiency independent preheating cycle system, heating the heat transfer oil by electricity, using the heat transfer oil as the heat medium, preheating the pump valve and the asphalt pipeline. The control system monitors the preheating system through sensors to avoid fire.

3) Large cycle: It is the cycle in the tank. When the asphalt reaches the service temperature in the high temperature zone but no bitumen extraction is required, it can be switched to the large cycle to increase the temperature in the tank to make the asphalt fluid and facilitate the replenishment of asphalt in the high temperature zone. 

4) Circulation in the high temperature zone: It can keep the asphalt in the high temperature zone always reaching the use temperature, and the temperature is consistent, ensuring that it can be taken at any time and improving work efficiency.

Technical Parameters

Model: LB700-LB5000

capacity: 60-400t/h

Applicable: Highways, municipal roads, airports and ports etc.

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